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14 February 2014

Systech International launches site diary app

Construction consultant applies claims expertise to reduce project team exposure

(London,14 February 2014) – Construction consultancy Systech International has identified that site records are often inconsistent, incomplete or not maintained at all, preventing contractors from accessing key project records to support claims for additional work, defend criticisms or adequately explain why a project has been delayed. It has developed a voice-activated site diary app for smartphones and tablets to support contractors’ project teams in their daily activities.

The Site Diary app is currently delivered via Apple’s App Store, with an Android version in development and due to be launched in March 2014. Drawing on Systech’s international project expertise, the app prompts site-based professionals to record day-to-day activities so that consistently detailed, contemporaneous records are maintained.

Conventional note-taking by pen and paper or by manual data input can sometimes be impractical and time-consuming, particularly when the individual is out on a live site. Voice-recognition software built into the Systech app reduces this inconvenience.

Systech consultants work with customers to configure the app to suit their projects, disciplines and roles, and to suit the forms of contract being used (eg: JCT, NEC3, etc), varying the reporting terminology as necessary. A sequence of mandatory and optional role-specific prompts helps ensure each user files complete daily reports, including weather, site access, visitors, incidents on site and site progress. Photographs can also be added and associated with report submissions, and location-specific data captured via GPS.

As sites may not have network access, reports can be progressively compiled and auto-saved on the smartphone or tablet, and uploaded once internet connectivity is regained. Upon submission, these reports are securely time- and date-stamped. Multiple reports can be submitted from a single project daily.

Richard Morris, head of expert services at Systech International, said:

Our consultancy experience has given us a unique insight into the requirements and risks of projects, including the need for tight cost and schedule control. A client may say ‘our on-site records are great’ but too often we find they are poor, patchy or non-existent (perhaps lost once a project finished), and we have to engage in an expensive investigation to uncover the roots of a dispute. By helping our customers to proactively and systematically capture, share and store site progress information, we can help them avoid costly disputes.”

Reports are uploaded to a secure cloud-based database environment from which they can be reviewed via a web portal. The database issues a daily coordinated PDF report from multiple users on a project to an agreed distribution list. This can include the relevant managing office, allowing senior management to view the report and complete any required actions. It will also be immediately apparent if a project is not preparing daily reports or if the quality of information being recorded is insufficient..

All project records can be quickly searched electronically to provide detailed written and photographic evidence to support the variation or claim.

As well as initial configuration, Systech provides ongoing helpdesk support for the app, so that teams can, for example, change key users (to cover absences through sickness or holidays, for instance), add extra users or capture additional information as projects enter new phases.

Avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, Systech provides a range of cost options for the app and its supporting database, depending on the number of projects, number of users and duration of the projects. For example, supporting five users on a two-year project would cost around £4800 (equivalent to £480 per user per year, or £2400 per year). Customers can also license the application and its reporting toolset from Systech and, after training and set-up, host the data themselves.

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For further information, contact:

  • Paul Wilkinson, PR consultant – – tel +44 (0) 20 8858 1104 or mobile 07788 445920
  • Geoff Ansell, director corporate marketing and training, Systech – – Tel: +44 (0) 207 940 7656
  • Richard Morris, head of expert services, Systech –

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Systech International

Systech International ( provides multi-disciplinary services to contractors, supporting them in the delivery of projects on time and to budget. It is the leading global provider of commercial management, project controls, planning and scheduling, claims, expert witness, dispute resolution, legal and visualisation services on construction, infrastructure and energy projects. Its team of professionals provides services cover the full lifespan of projects – from bid to handover – from 27 offices across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Systech Site Diary application

The Systech Site Diary application was launched in London in February 2014. The Apple version for iPhone and iPad is currently delivered via the App Store. An Android version is currently in development and will be available in late March/early April 2014.

  • An explanatory video is available upon request (available via WeTransfer)
  • Screengrabs of the application and of the web-based reporting interface are also available upon request.