@EEPaul on Twitter

Hello, I’m Paul Wilkinson. I run a niche consultancy, pwcom.co.uk Ltd, specialising in technology (particularly construction software applications, SaaS, BIM, mobile) and public relations, marketing and social media – mainly for businesses working in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and property sectors.

I use Twitter to maintain existing links with people I already know, and to establish and build new links with people who interest me and who I might like to get to know.

Unlike some users, I am not interested in building a huge following – for me, it’s the quality of people I interact with, not the quantity that matters. The same goes for my use of Twitter.

I will Tweet occasional snippets from my blog or links to news that I have read. I re-tweet interesting tweets from people I follow, and I get involved in conversations about PR, marketing, Twitter, blogs, social media in general, plus construction, construction IT, sustainability, etc – all matters related to my day job.

(A small minority of my Twitter conversations may go off-topic [talking about English League Division One football, cycling, life in London, etc], but I try not to let my non-work interests intervene too much.)

I don’t automatically follow everyone. I look at people’s profiles and their recent tweets; sometimes I wait for new users to start using Twitter for a few days; but I often respond to recommendations from other Twitter users I know.

Sometimes accused of being a Twitter-holic (I’m not, but I know a few who may be!), I don’t Twitter 24/7, so if I miss something you sent for me, @EEPaul me so that it pops up in my @EEPaul Hootsuite or Tweetdeck column (or drop me a DM if it’s something not to be shared on the public feed). I also use Twitter on my Android smart-phone while travelling, and post occasional photos.

I look forward to connecting with you.