Wyre Council selects Sitedesk for £53m BIM coastal defence scheme at Rossall

(London – 3 October 2014) – Wyre Council has selected collaboration technology from Sitedesk to support Level 2 building information modelling (BIM) during a five-year contract to construct and maintain the Rossall coastal defence scheme, part of the £73 million Fylde Peninsular Coastal Programme in north west England.

Predominately funded by the Environment agency, the £53m Rossall scheme covers approximately 2km of coastline and will protect 7500 low lying properties from flooding. The area is subjected to some of the largest waves and strongest currents on the Fylde coast.

Wyre Council is one of the leaders in the UK public sector push towards BIM adoption by 2016. Balfour Beatty, the main contractor on the programme, is fully utilising BIM to deliver the project.

Sitedesk’s technology can be deployed in the office or in the field. Using it, Wyre Council’s project team will be able to capture data about the coastal defences during construction and then reuse it to optimise operation and maintenance throughout the defences’ working life.

Carl Green, Head of Engineering Services for Wyre Council, said:

“Sitedesk is a cost-effective collaboration tool that provides us with an effective link between the office and the field. It provides the functionality and flexibility required to resolve issues in a timely manner and record decisions for future operational benefits. We chose Sitedesk because it makes it simple for us to take advantage of the whole life cost benefits of BIM without the exposure to high hardware, software or integration costs.”

Peter Trebilcock, Design and BIM Programme Director for Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK, said

“The use of field devices is playing a significant role in delivering better management of data and increased business efficiency across our business. We are currently deploying them across a portfolio of education and commercial projects. They are helping to save time for our site operatives by giving them access to building information tools to help better manage quality, commissioning, and health and safety aspects, and integrate the reporting of our valuable supply chain partners.”


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Images relating to the project, and screengrabs of the Sitedesk application available here

Editors’s notes

Sitedesk is a Manchester-based company specialising in the development of software tools to support building information modelling and collaboration in construction projects. Founded in 2012 and backed by the North West Fund for Digital & Creative, it draws on employees’ experience in the construction industry and collaboration software development. The company aims to make it simpler for all organisations involved in the construction and operation of built assets to take advantage of the financial, time saving and risk reduction benefits of building information modelling.

Sitedesk is a single application that provides secure access to data stored in a hosted environment and is equally powerful on mobile platforms (Windows and Apple iOS) as it is on the desktop. Sitedesk can be used out on site even when there is no internet connectivity. Building information model (BIM) data can be shared in real-time, ensuring that every project team member has the right information they need at the right time to fulfil their responsibilities. Sitedesk also automatically compiles all the data needed by clients for future operation and maintenance of their built assets.